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November 6, 2004


These photos were taken leaving Point Judith dock & arriving at the house there.

IMG_0690.jpg IMG_0692.jpg IMG_0693.jpg IMG_0699.jpg
IMG_0704.jpg IMG_0714.jpg IMG_0727.jpg


IMG_0783.jpg IMG_0790.jpg IMG_0802.jpg IMG_0808.jpg
IMG_0811.jpg IMG_0817.jpg IMG_0838.jpg IMG_0840.jpg
IMG_0871.jpg IMG_0877.jpg IMG_0799_b.jpg
IMG_0792_l.jpg IMG_0844_l.jpg

2004.10.27 Lunar Eclipse

These are from the start to full eclipse. I didn't stay up to get the whole thing to the end. I fell asleep. Yeah, so shoot me. I didn't have a telephoto lense for my camera. And it only has a 3x zoom. They aren't bad for my Canon A85.

IMG_0880.jpg IMG_0885.jpg IMG_0892.jpg IMG_0897.jpg
IMG_0899.jpg IMG_0916.jpg IMG_0920.jpg IMG_0921.jpg
IMG_0922.jpg IMG_0923.jpg IMG_0945.jpg

November 7, 2004


Pictures of the Fresh Water Pond Preserve (we pulled over and got out of the car on our way to the grocery). The rest are of the sunset that we had this evening after getting back from shopping.

IMG_0953.jpg IMG_0963.jpg IMG_0970.jpg IMG_0971.jpg
IMG_1005_2.jpg IMG_1009_2.jpg IMG_1013.jpg IMG_1016.jpg


Ok. These two were of the presunset sky, which was quite odd. The first picture is what it look like when it started, and the next is what it looked like before it set behind the clouds.

IMG_1024.jpg IMG_1030.jpg


These were taken on a walk around SW Point. We found this little greenway (for walkers only) and this is where most of the pictures came from. I seem to be obsessed with light and shadow. Keep the sun on your back, but I always turn around.

IMG_1078.jpg IMG_1087.jpg IMG_1092.jpg IMG_1129.jpg
IMG_1151.jpg IMG_1162.jpg IMG_1171.jpg IMG_1174.jpg
IMG_1089_l.jpg IMG_1095_l.jpg IMG_1099_l.jpg IMG_1102_l.jpg
IMG_1121_l.jpg IMG_1133_l.jpg IMG_1179_l.jpg


Leaving... The harbor...

IMG_1204.jpg IMG_1206.jpg IMG_1208.jpg IMG_1209.jpg
IMG_1205_l.jpg IMG_1212_l.jpg IMG_1219_l.jpg

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