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May 18, 2007

Laguna Beach, CA - 1

DSC_0002.jpg DSC_0008.jpg

DSC_0012.jpg DSC_0014.jpg

DSC_0004.jpg DSC_0018.jpg

May 19, 2007

Laguna Beach, CA - 2

The house we are staying at...

Library%20-%201222.jpg Library%20-%201223.jpg

Library%20-%201224.jpg Library%20-%201225.jpg

Library%20-%201228.jpg Library%20-%201229.jpg

Library%20-%201230.jpg Library%20-%201233.jpg


Laguna Beach, CA - 3

A walk around the neighborhood...

Library%20-%201221.jpg Library%20-%201227.jpg

Library%20-%201232.jpg Library%20-%201242.jpg

Library%20-%201243.jpg Library%20-%201244.jpg

Library%20-%201248.jpg Library%20-%201251.jpg

Library%20-%201252.jpg Library%20-%201254.jpg

Library%20-%201256.jpg Library%20-%201259.jpg

Library%20-%201260.jpg Library%20-%201262.jpg

Library%20-%201263.jpg Library%20-%201266.jpg

Library%20-%201269.jpg Library%20-%201274.jpg

Library%20-%201275.jpg Library%20-%201283.jpg

Library%20-%201284.jpg Library%20-%201290.jpg


May 21, 2007

Laguna Beach, CA - 4

Library%20-%201298.jpg Library%20-%201299.jpg

Library%20-%201306.jpg Library%20-%201309.jpg

Library%20-%201313.jpg Library%20-%201315.jpg

Library%20-%201317.jpg Library%20-%201323.jpg

Library%20-%201319.jpg Library%20-%201330.jpg

Library%20-%201331.jpg Library%20-%201341.jpg

Library%20-%201335.jpg Library%20-%201342.jpg

Library%20-%201347.jpg Library%20-%201356.jpg

Library%20-%201378.jpg Library%20-%201379.jpg

Laguna Beach, CA - 5

Farmers Market in town...

DSC_0187.jpg DSC_0191.jpg

DSC_0192.jpg DSC_0193.jpg

DSC_0194.jpg DSC_0195.jpg

DSC_0196.jpg DSC_0197.jpg

May 22, 2007

The trip to Venice, CA

Venice Beach...

DSC_0202.jpg DSC_0209.jpg

DSC_0210.jpg DSC_0211.jpg

DSC_0214.jpg DSC_0216.jpg

DSC_0217.jpg DSC_0221.jpg

This isn't a statue... LOL... Tiz a real guy.
DSC_0218.jpg DSC_0219.jpg

DSC_0222.jpg DSC_0223.jpg

DSC_0224.jpg DSC_0228.jpg

DSC_0225.jpg DSC_0227.jpg

DSC_0229.jpg DSC_0233.jpg

DSC_0230.jpg DSC_0232.jpg

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